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Attention college newspapers: Are you selling as many print ads as you once did? Are you making money digitally? Do you know what OOH is? Does your revenue more than cover your operations?

If so, stop reading. This isn’t for you.

Paper Money is a FREE grant-funded program that matches you with sales experts who craft personalized revenue solutions. It’s worked for others. It can work for you.

What You’ll learn

Six ways to learn more

Get practical and tactical and print. Exploit special issues, sell ethical native advertising, and squeeze more value out of your media kit.

Earn new revenue from old tech. Email newsletters aren’t cutting edge, but they’re popular — and profitable — when done right.

Plug the gap with political ads. This fall, you can get a one-time cash injection from both local and national candidates and political causes.

Go all in with “Out of Home.” The most profitable category these days? Ads on news racks, posters on bulletin boards, and signs inside buses.

Solicit a steady stream of direct donations. Done right and carefully, you can bring in enough to cover some major expenses.

Recruit next-gen sales reps now. Just like selling, it’s a numbers game. You should always be recruiting, just like you’re always selling.


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Does it work?

Meet our past success stories

We added three reps soon after Paper Money and hired an editor to develop new special sections. Our sales department is already selling them.

Even the basketball Game Dailies are solid. Last year’s total sales were a whopping $880. We’re already at $12,520 — and are continuing to sell. This was a fantastic and helpful experience for us.

Diana Kramer
The Daily publisher/adviser
University of Washington

We took a lot out of Paper Money. We’ve approached our sales with more direction and regimen going forward. We’ve onboarded three more account executives, and we’re interviewing candidates every week.

In September, we were able to make $6,000 more in sales than last September. I hope the Targum can continue to explore opportunities like this with Paper Money and other services.

Sandy Giacobbe
Targum Publishing Co. business manager
Rutgers University, New Jersey

Paper Money was a great success. The biggest impact was on my sales representatives, giving them a better perspective of how the sales funnel works and better routes to sell our products. In all honesty, I think it lit a fire under them to work harder.

For me, my biggest takeaway is the new products we can begin to offer and the ways in which we can begin to implement those. Our visit wasn’t too long ago, but our print sales have been fully booked. We’ve also reached a lot more new clients, which has been exciting.

Tessa Bishop
advertising and sales manager
Boise State Student Media


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Watch this webinar

Get a taste of what we’re talking about

During the shutdown, college media’s keenest money minds met for an hour of practical advice. These are the same folks who have agreed to work with you individually...

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What’s the catch?

There is none. But there are rules...

You must fill out the entire form to qualify.
– You must be a college media news outlet at a public or private university or community college within the United States.
– You must possess the following: A desperate need to sell more, a solid commitment to learning how, and the cooperation of, or even ambivalence from, your editorial department. (We enthusiastically embrace the firewall between editorial and sales. But if editorial department is hostile to sales, this won’t work.)
– With a month of your virtual consultations, you write us an honest report of how the training went. (So we can do better.) By the end of the semester, you owe us another report with specific sales figures that show any or no change. (Again, so we can get better.)
– If Paper Money works for your newspaper, you agree to provide us a glowing testimonial with a photo of your awesome self. That’s so we can use your kind words and smiling face to apply for more grants — so we can help more college newspapers.

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