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Slice 'n' Dice
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Grab a slice and let the pros dice. That's right, it's Slice 'n' Dice, a program that brings together students and professionals for networking, résumé critiques and grub.

We've got everything you need in the "virtual" box, including directions, flyers and a sign up sheet. There are even some nifty table tents to spruce up the place. All you need to do is bring in the pros and order some pizza.


First things first: pick a date. The most practical dates in our book? Beginning of the quarter or semester when school realities have yet to set in and right before graduation, just in time for that “Oh crap, I have to get a job” moment. As for the time, it works best at lunch time (pizza and lunch together, who would have guessed...). This time slot also makes it easy for your professional critique-masters to slide it into their own lunch hour.

Get the info out. We have the flyer ready for download, so this step is pretty simple. Fill out your info, print it off, email it around and tape it to restroom stalls. Well, maybe not that last one. Whatever you do, don't forget to tell all students, not just your members. This is a great recruiting tool. Also, remember to distribute the flyer out to the professionals so they have some solid information and something appealing to look at as a reminder.

Price the pizza. Call around, ask questions and sound important. Many pizza places will cut you a deal just because the advertising is good for them. Remember to check with your school about funding opportunities so the money doesn't have to come out of your chapter's wallet.

Get a schedule together. We've included a template for scheduling time slots so you can get things organized before the event or right at the start. If you don't need them, don't use them. Sometimes a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach works better. Just make sure that you don't keep any student waiting for long periods of time or leave a pro standing there with nothing better to do than stare at their phone.

Set up and grub. In this neat, little virtual box, you'll also find some nifty table tents. Print, fold and direct people to their numbered station. This will give you more time to stuff your own face, trust us, everyone needs that.

Enjoy the event and don’t forget to let us know how it went. We’d love to hear from you.

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Downloadable Resources

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Table Tents (for eight tables) [ZIP archive, 170 KB]

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