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October 2022

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Our SPJ MMJ safety guidelines are aimed at helping television news managers create safe working conditions for solo television reporters, also known as MMJs. We recommend news managers share these guidelines with staff in newsrooms around the country. This list was compiled by the SPJ MMJ Safety Task Force, which includes experienced television journalists.

1. No solo live shots if the MMJ does not feel comfortable.

2. Remember the 3 P’s

3. Safety Check System

4. Extreme Weather

5. Door Knocking

6. Everyone needs to feel a personal responsibility

7. Identify a go-to person for safety concerns in the newsroom

8. Safety barriers

9. Mentors Matter

10. Keep talking about safety on the job

SPJ MMJ Safety Task Force: 

Nicolle Sartain, Chair
Daniela Ibarra, MMJ
Shamarria Morrison, MMJ
Sue Calberg, MMJ
Sherry Darden, HR Expert
Chris Post, Photojournalist and Safety Expert
Rebecca Aguilar, Freelance Reporter