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2000 Sigma Delta Chi Award Honorees

Deadline Reporting | Continuous Coverage | Investigative Reporting
Feature Reporting | Documentaries | Editorials | Column Writing
Journalism Research | Public Service

Deadline Reporting

Newspaper/Wire Service (circ. over 100,000)
Stephanie Desmon and Antigone Barton
The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post
"Single shot in face kills popular English teacher"

Newspaper/Wire Service (circ. under 100,000)
Great Falls (Mont.) Tribune
"Bar-Jonah charged with killing Ramsay"

Spot News Photography
Alan Diaz
The Associated Press

Spot News Radio Reporting
CBS Radio News
"The Supreme Court Decides"

Spot News Television Reporting (Network/Top 40)
CBS Evening News with Russ Mitchell
"Elian Reunited"

Spot News Television (All Other Markets)
No Winner Chosen.

"Dead at Sea: Tragedy Aboard the Russian Submarine Kursk"

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Continuous Coverage

Newspaper/Wire Service (Circ. Over 100,000)
Judy L. Thomas
The Kansas City (Mo.) Star
AIDS in the Priesthood

Newspaper/Wire Service (Circ. Under 100,000)
Darrin Mortenson, William Brown, Jason Robbins and J. Lowe Davis
The Virgin Islands Daily News
Vieques: In Whose Defense? At Whose Expense?

Washington Correspondence — Newspaper/Wire Service
Ron Fournier
The Associated Press
"Election 2000"

Foreign Correspondence — Newspaper/Wire Service
Ian Johnson
The Wall Street Journal
A Death in China

Informational Graphics
William Pitzer, JoAnne Miller, Tom Tozer and Gina Nania
The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer
Inside the Hunley

Breaking Event — Radio
Buzz Conover and Susan Gage
Florida Public Radio
"Election 2000"

Breaking Event — Television (Network/Top 40)
David Boeri, Jack Harper, Gail Huff, Mary Saladna and Ray Smith
WCVB-TV, Needham, Mass.
On the trail of Whitey Bulger and the FBI

Breaking Event — Television (all other markets)
News team
KECI-TV, Missoula, Mont.
Montana Wildfires: Up in Flames

Tim Connor
Camas Magazine
Secret Deal Every story has a setting and context

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Investigative Reporting

Newspaper/Wire Service (circ. over 100,000)
Joe A. Stephens, Mary Pat Flaherty, Deborah Nelson, Karen Deyoung, John Pomfret, Sharon LaFraniere and Doug Struck
The Washington Post

The Body HuntersNewspaper/Wire Service (circ. under 100,000)
Cameron W. Barr
The Christian Science Monitor
Battalion 745: A Brutal Exit

Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele
TIME magazine
Big Money and Politics: Who Gets Hurt

Doug Sovern
KCBS Radio, San Francisco
Follow the Money

Television reporting (Network/Top 40)
Anna Werner, David Raziq and Chris Henao
KHOU-TV, Houston
Treading on Danger?

Television (All other markets)
Tom Grant, Adele Steiger and Tim Connor
KXLY-TV, Spokane, Wash.
Public Funds, Private Profit: The Secret Deal Behind a Public-Private Partnership

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Feature Writing

Newspaper/Wire service (Circ. over 100,000)
Tom Hallman, Jr.
The Oregonian
Boy Behind the Mask

Newspaper/Wire service (Circ. under 100,000)
Roy Wenzl
The Wichita (Kan.) Eagle
The Hero's Son

Magazine Writing
Robert Lee Hotz
Los Angeles Times Magazine
Searching for Lost Honor

Matt Rainey
The Star-Ledger, Newark, N.J.
After the Fire

Mark Urycki
WKSU-FM, Kent, Ohio
Remembering Kent State, 1970

Television Reporting (network/top 40)
Keith Morrison (correspondent), Chairmian Gilmartin (producer) and staff
Dateline NBC
War and Remembrance

Television (all other markets)
Claudine Wong and Don Schoenfeld
WNDU-TV, South Bend, Ind.
A Miracle for Alex

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David Isay and Stacy Abramson
Sound Portraits Production
"Witness to an Execution"

Television (Network/Top 40)
ABC News
ABC News Special: Hopkins 24/7

Television (All other markets)
Danny Schechter
Falun Gong's Challenge to China

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Newspaper/Wire Service
Dan Moffett
The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post
"Dishonoring the Vets"

Editorial Cartooning
Nick Anderson
The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky.

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Column Writing

General Column Writing
Eugene Kane
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sports Column Writing
Michael Wilbon
The Washington Post

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Journalism Research

Research about Journalism
Marilyn Greenwald and Joseph Bernt
Iowa State University Press
The Big Chill: Investigative Reporting in the Current Media Environment

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Public Service

Newspaper/Wire Service (Circ. over 100,000)
Mark Katches, William Heisel, Ronald Campbell, Michael Goulding and Sharon Henry
The Orange County (Calif.) Register
Body Brokers

Newspaper/Wire Service (Circ. under 100,000)
The Eagle-Tribune, Lawrence, Mass.
Unrealized Assets

Peter Perl
The Washington Post Magazine
Poisoned Package

Jim Bickal, Cara Hetland, Laura McCallum, Tim Pugmire and Bill Wareham
Minnesota Public Radio
"Guinea Pig Kids: An Inside Look at Minnesota's Graduation Standards Experiment"

Television Reporting (Network/Top 40)
KRON4 News, San Francisco
Beating the Odds

Television (All other markets)
Tracy Sadeghian, Schewislzer Lewis, and Traci Richardson
WRDW-TV, North Augusta, S.C.
Nursing Home Nightmare? (Revisited)

Newsletter Journalism
Greg Freeman and Lee Landenberger
American Health Consultants in Atlanta
With ABC camera crews in house, Johns Hopkins limited its risk of liability

David Slade, Robert Laylo, James E. Wilkerson, Chris Krewson, Jaleel Beck and Chris Unger
The Morning Call, Allentown, Pa.
Tomorrow’s Taxes

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