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The work of the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation depends on time, talent and financial support from journalists and others who support these goals. Our online giving process will only take a few moments. Please visit our donation page to support SPJ and the SDX Foundation.

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Chris Vachon
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Who we are
Since its founding in 1961, the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation has promoted excellence and ethics in journalism. The SDX Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization that supports the educational programs of the Society of Professional Journalists and serves the professional needs of journalists and students pursuing careers in journalism.

Liberty and self-government require a well-informed public. It is the responsibility of journalists to provide fair, balanced and accurate information in a comprehensive, timely and ethical manner.

The SDX Foundation helps by:
– Advocating for open government
– Promoting integrity
– Encouraging excellence
– Fostering diversity
– Inspiring new generations of talented journalists
– Protecting freedom of speech and press

Through the years, the SDX Foundation has created a legacy of worthwhile programs to achieve these aims, including:
Pulliam/Kilgore Freedom of Information Internships
Eugene C. Pulliam Editorial Fellowship
Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award
Diversity Leadership Program
Robert D.G Lewis First Amendment Award
– Taischoff Memorial Fund
Harper Memorial Scholarships
Journalism Ethics Book

Contributions to the Foundation help support these and other programs:
Excellence in Journalism Annual Conference
SPJ Spring Conferences
– SPJ chapter programs
Mark of Excellence Awards honoring collegiate journalists
Programs by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Programs by the Student Press Law Center
Programs by Investigative Reporters & Editors
SPJ training of journalists through webinars, online platforms, workshops and more

The work of the Foundation depends on time, talent and financial support from journalists and others who support these goals.

Contribute to the SDX Foundation

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Sigma Delta Chi Foundation
Grants Application Form

Application deadline: February 19, midnight ET

Contact person’s information

Preferred Phone:
Preferred E-mail:

Additional Information

What is the organization's mission statement?

What is the topic of your program/project? Please provide a title and two-sentence summary.

The Sigma Delta Chi Foundation and the Society of Professional Journalists seek to improve and protect journalism through educational programming and ongoing training for journalists. The foundation seeks proposals that promote the missions of the society which are freedom of information, ethics and diversity. How does this program/project complement that?

How does this project/program fill a gap that is isn't being filled by other projects/programs? Would this compete with any other projects/programs already in place? If so, why is more money needed for projects/programs in this area?

What are the learning objectives for the project/program?

Describe potential outcomes of the project/program. How will impact be measured?

Address issues of continuity. Indicate if future funds will be required. Describe how the project will be sustained in the future.

Describe the organization’s qualifications to organize and execute the project/program.

Provide the timeline for the project/program.

How will the project/program be promoted? How can a broad reach be ensured?

How will the project/program be evaluated?

From what other sources are you seeking funding for this program/project? From what other sources have you secured funding for this program/project?

Provide a detailed budget for the program/project.

What is the amount being requested from the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation?

Required Documents

Please provide the following documents (if applicable):

— your organization’s 501 (c)(3), IRS exemption letter or 501 (c)(3) application
— your organization’s most recent year-end financial statement

Choose your method for sending these documents

Upload immediately

You may upload all necessary documents immediately by using this form. [Opens in a pop-up window, so you won't lose your progress.] Use the "Choose File" button as many times as necessary to select multiple documents, and press the "Send Documents" button to upload all documents. Once finished, please proceed below and press the "Submit Application" button to finish sending your proposal.

Email documents

You may email all necessary documents to after completing this form. A link will appear after you proceed below and press the "Submit Application" button to finish sending your proposal.

Submit your application

Press the button below to finish sending your proposal.

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