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Are you sharp enough?

Napoleon once said, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than 1,000 bayonets.”

On most campuses, administrators and student leaders fear just one newspaper. Yours.

So in 2016, we’re looking for the bravest journalist at the fiercest newspaper. The student who...

That student wins $500 cash. No strings and no questions. There’s also a piece of paper suitable for framing, and a winner’s profile suitable for resume-linking.

What not to do

What we don’t want is just as important as what we do. While it’s stressful getting harassed for flexing your First Amendment rights, lashing out never helps. Don’t do these silly things...

How to enter

1. Nominate yourself or someone else. In a few sentences, tell us why the nominee is worthy. Just hit the highlights, because if we like what you write, we’ll ask you for the full story.

2. Get nominated by the SMACK staff. Through 2016, we’ll cover oppressed student journalists on our College Media Watchdog blog. Each student is automatically entered into the Bayonet Awards.

The best way to triumph over journalistic adversity is with a wry smile and a big stick. If smile, we’ll hand you the stick. Thus, SMACK doesn’t just help you fight the man (or woman), we can get you paid for doing it the right way.

Conversely, too many students crumple in the face of controversy. They figure it’s safer to do nothing, when actually, they’re more likely to get harassed in the future. Because you know what happens when you don’t stand up to a bully.

Contest details

• Eligibility: Open to any student journalist in the United States, at a public or private school, who overcomes adversity in 2016.

• Deadline to enter: If you’re nominating someone, give us a brief outline of the weirdness by Jan. 15, 2017.

• Where to send stuff: Use our contact form. Or email us at Got questions? Same places.

• Winner announced: Monday, Feb. 1, 2017.

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