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Import the pros

When your school makes it hard to do hard news, the J Team makes it easy. We recruit a squad of professional journalists to work with you, virtually or even in person — yup, we send them to your town to sit in your newsroom. Either way, it costs you nothing.

Join the team

If you need the J Team, contact us. First, we’ll fight for with conventional weapons. But if that fails, we’ll call in the team.

If you know pros who want to volunteer for the J Team, send them our way. We’re keeping a master list of master journalists.

Where there’s smoke, there’s ire

When school leaders try to suppress your reporting, it’s usually because they have something to hide. So the J Team helps you...

Putting the “me” in “team”

There’s not just one J Team — each is assembled to your specs. We choose experts who are best suited for discovering your school’s worst secrets.

If your administration and Student Government hated what you were writing before, they’ll really hate what the J Team teaches you.

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