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Social Media Guidelines


The Society strongly encourages its leaders and members to regularly use social media to communicate, not only among themselves, but with the broader journalism community.

These guidelines are intended to help SPJ leaders and members follow accepted best practices as they use social media in carrying out the Society’s missions. Source material for these guidelines came from governmental agencies, nonprofits and some of the nation’s largest businesses.

The short version

These guidelines can be summed up in three words: Use common sense.


Always disclose your position with SPJ or clearly indicate your role.

Guidelines for SPJ leaders and committees

— Remember: only SPJ’s national president, or the president’s designee, can speak on behalf of the organization.
— Don’t blindside your leaders.
— Do not disclose private or proprietary information.
— Encourage discussion about SPJ and journalism in general.
— “Live tweeting” of open board meetings and convention business is allowed.

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