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– Breast Cancer Awareness: Learning From Jackie Collins' Death
– Blog: CPJ joins call to oppose draft surveillance law in France
– Baboon raid temporarily forced Zimbabwe radio station off air

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SPJ Leads | 4/4/2013
Free chapter money? Don't mind if I do ...

By Christine DiGangi, SPJ Communications Department


Apply for a chapter grant by Wednesday, April 10. It's free money. Propose an awe-inspiring program, and we'll help you fund it -- we have up to $500 in grants available.

Apply! Questions? Ask Tara Puckey ( or 317.927.8000 ext. 215) -- then apply!


It's an election season you don't have to cover -- SPJ board elections. The Society seeks board candidates who are passionate about its mission and reflect the diversity of the journalism industry. SPJ is the nation's largest, most broad-based journalism organization, and you can define its future.

Declare your candidacy for one of the following positions by emailing Nominations Committee Chairman John Ensslin at and Executive Director Joe Skeel at

President-elect (elected every year)
Secretary-Treasurer (elected every year)
Vice President for Campus Chapter Affairs (two-year position)
At-Large Director (two-year position)
Campus Adviser At-Large (two-year position)
Student Representative (two positions, elected every year)
Directors for Regions 2, 3, 6, 10, 11 and 12 (two-year position)

There is no formal deadline to declare candidacy, but candidates wanting to run a profile in Quill ahead of the convention must make a May 10 copy deadline. Direct any election-related questions to Chapter Coordinator Tara Puckey via email or call 317.927.8000 ext. 215


Fantastic journalism training is a short drive away!

There are 10 Spring Conferences on the calendar. This weekend, journalists in regions 4 and 12 will gather to talk shop and trade pro tips -- you won't want to miss these affordable professional-development opportunities.

Unless you live in Region 3 (Florida, Alabama, Georgia or South Carolina -- they had a fantastic event in March), your conference hasn't happened yet. Make plans while you still can.


We're heading south this summer to host SPJ's premier leadership program, the Ted Scripps Leadership Institute, in Memphis.

Members in Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas: This is your opportunity to grow within SPJ and develop your teamwork and management skills. It's a wonderful program -- see for yourself in this video

Apply for the Region 12 (Memphis) Scripps by May 10.

If you're an aspiring SPJ leader in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah or Wyoming, make sure you apply for Denver Scripps! The deadline to apply is April 12.


Good reads from SPJ committee members and regional directors:

» Region 3 Director Michael Koretzky spent several days in Memphis at a program called FOI Congress.

» The SPJ Diversity Committee commented on The AP's decision on "illegal immigrant"

» The Chicago Headline Club hosted a new event called FOIA Fest

» Ruth E. Thaler-Carter of the Freelance Committee wrote this post for the Society of Technical Communication about finding well-paying freelance work. Her tips relate to SPJ members, too.


Remember that time SPJ sent an email to every member and called each one the wrong name? Oh, how funny that was...

Consider this an additional apology for the confusion: The Top 5 Responses to a Mass Email Mistake.


SPJ is accepting nominations until April 17 for the following member awards:

Dubin Pro Member

Eshelman Campus Adviser

Galvan Graduate

Regional Director

Wells Memorial Key

Take a moment to read the descriptions, and if you know someone who deserves the award, nominate them for the SPJ Honor. Peer recognition means a lot to hard-working journalists.


By designating the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation, SPJ's supporting foundation, as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance, retirement or other estate plans, you can provide a lasting legacy for the future of journalism.

The Foundation returns thousands of dollars back to the journalism community in support of both SPJ and other journalism organizations that benefit SPJ members. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity and gifts are tax deductible.

For more information, visit the website or contact SPJ headquarters at 317.927.8000 ext. 207.


Deadline extended to April 21: SPJ-FIU wants you to tell the story of Generation Y through an image. Read more details of the national contest online, but take note of the prizes:

- Have your photo posted on the South Florida News Service website, a professional publication that allows you to enter your photo in national competitions

- Have your photo published in the SPJ Quill magazine

- Have your photo featured on the SPJ South Florida Website and the SPJ Region 3 website

There will also be a South Florida contest winner, who receives an additional prize: a day at The Miami Herald shadowing a professional photographer. You will have the chance to take your own photos and maybe even pitch them to the Miami Herald editor.

Be creative, but adhere to ethical photojournalism practices. The new deadline is April 21.


The Marguerite Casey Foundation offers a Journalism Fellowship Program on Poverty. The program aims to increase the public's and policymakers' understanding of poverty through journalism. Application deadline May 24, 2013. Criteria and application to be found here:

For questions, please contact: Rich Boswell at


Anthony Lewis, who died this week, won two Pulitzer Prizes, the second for his Supreme Court coverage while working at the New York Times. At which publication did he win his first Pulitzer, and what was he covering?

Answer: The Washington Daily News. He wrote about Abraham Chasanow, an employee of the U.S. Navy who was unjustly labeled a security risk. Read more in the New York Times obituary.

And the winner is ... Ricardo Torres, vice president of the Milwaukee Pro chapter. Extra points for sending a source with your answer. The points don't get you anything, though. (No worries, the illustrious Leads Quiz prize is on its way.)


In its 104-year history, SPJ has been headquartered in three cities. What are they?

Submit your answer to Christine DiGangi.

SPJ Leads
– From resignations to job openings – read all about it
– Early bird gets the free press
– Seek truth and report it

Press Notes
– Breast Cancer Awareness: Learning From Jackie Collins' Death
– Blog: CPJ joins call to oppose draft surveillance law in France
– Baboon raid temporarily forced Zimbabwe radio station off air

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