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Why Join SPJ?

Professional Development and Career Support

Professional development has been a long-time cornerstone of the Society's mission.

National and regional conferences cover writing, reporting and editing as well as broader topics of ethics and freedom of information.

— We offer a multitude of training programs, both in person and on demand.

SPJ's employment and career center offers job openings, connections with other journalists, career tips, articles and more.

— To those affected by layoffs and buyouts: SPJ supports you and wants to help.

— SPJ promotes excellence in journalism through its Sigma Delta Chi awards for professional journalists and the Mark of Excellence awards for collegiate journalists.

Journalism Advocacy

— The Society's Freedom of Information Committee coordinates all areas encompassed by our Freedom of Information initiatives, including SPJ's Legal Defense Fund efforts, the FOI Alert, Project Sunshine and working closely with our legal counsel in the nation's capital. Testimony before Congress and amicus briefs work to keep the press unfettered in a world of technological change. It's no wonder reporters, editors and news directors turn to the Society for advice, assistance and direction.

— SPJ's Legal Defense Fund wages court battles across the country to secure First Amendment rights. The fund also supports state Freedom of Information hotlines, computer bulletin boards and organizations that resolve First Amendment conflicts before they require costly litigation. When a reporter or news organization is faced with a legal battle, SPJ's Legal Defense Fund is ready to help. The First Amendment guarantees Freedom of the Press — SPJ is making sure that our leaders live up to that legacy.

— SPJ works to ensure that journalists perform their work while adhering to the highest standards of behavior and decision-making found in our Code of Ethics.

— SPJ also encourages journalists to expand their source base to better reflect their community.

Local Connection

SPJ chapters bring educational programming to local areas and offer regular contact with other professionals from print, broadcast, online, freelance and trade publications. Enhance your career by getting involved at the local, regional or national level.

Industry News & Information

When you read Quill, the Society of Professional Journalists' national magazine (included as part of your membership), you have your finger on the pulse of American journalism — its challenges, opportunities and responsibilities. For more than 80 years, Quill has been a respected and sought-after resource for journalists, industry leaders, students and educators on issues central to journalism.

— Keeping you informed of Society and industry happenings is accomplished through a number of high-quality publications delivered to your inbox or your mailbox. In addition to Quill, SPJ publishes a weekly newsletter packed with industry news and job openings. And the society's SPJ Toolbox, updated weekly, offers a treasure trove of resources on myriad topics.

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