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Robyn Davis Sekula

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Robyn Davis Sekula is President of the Louisville Pro Chapter of SPJ. She is a Twitter addict, iPhone-a-holic, writer, speaker and social media consultant. She has spoken frequently at regional SPJ conferences and in 2012 at the national Excellence in Journalism Conference. She spent most of her pre-freelance career as a newspaper reporter, working as a crime and courts reporter in North Carolina, a business editor in Missouri and as a reporter at Business First in Louisville, Ky. She primarily consults with organizations and business in public relations, communications plans and social media strategy. You can find her web site at, follow her on Twitter, friend her on Facebook, add her on Instagram, and, of course, add her on Yo (user name itsRobynwithay).

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For questions or more information, write or call:

SPJ headquarters
Eugene S. Pulliam National Journalism Center
3909 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208-4045

Phone: 317/927-8000
Fax: 317/920-4789

— When you read Quill Magazine, the Society of Professional Journalists' national magazine, you have your finger on the pulse of American journalism — its challenges, opportunities and responsibilities. For more than 80 years, Quill has been a respected and sought-after resource for journalists, industry leaders, students and educators on issues central to journalism.

— Professional development has been a long-time cornerstone of the Society's mission. SPJ programs, the SPJ National Convention and Journalism Conference, specialized workshops, regional conferences, local chapter meetings and the Broadcasting Taishoff Seminar provide members with an opportunity to improve their professional skills and to facilitate career development.

Career Services & Support

— The national Sigma Delta Chi Awards have honored the best in journalism for more than 80 years. The prestigious bronze medallions are presented annually at the Society's national convention.

— The Society's Foundation annually presents the $75,000 Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writers. The fellowship allows writers to increase their understanding of a particular subject so they can better serve the public.

— The Society's Mark of Excellence Awards recognize outstanding college journalists at the regional and national levels. The national winners are honored at the SPJ National Convention and Journalism Conference.

— The Pulliam/Kilgore First Amendment and Freedom of Information Internships are paid internships that offer students the opportunity to study, research and write about Freedom of Information issues.

Journalism Advocacy

— The Society's Freedom of Information Committee coordinates all areas encompassed by our Freedom of Information initiatives, including SPJ's Legal Defense Fund efforts, the FOI Alert, Project Sunshine and working closely with our legal counsel in the nation's capital. The committee led the fight to ensure that the Iran/Contra report was made public. Without SPJ's efforts, the results of seven years and $35 million in taxpayer money still would be secret. Testimony before Congress and amicus briefs work to keep the press unfettered in a world of technological change. It's no wonder reporters, editors and news directors turn to the Society for advice, assistance and direction.

— SPJ's Legal Defense Fund wages court battles across the country to secure First Amendment rights. The fund also supports state Freedom of Information hotlines, computer bulletin boards and organizations that resolve First Amendment conflicts before they require costly litigation. When a reporter or news organization is faced with a legal battle, SPJ's Legal Defense Fund is ready to help. The First Amendment guarantees Freedom of the Press — SPJ is making sure that our leaders live up to that legacy.

— Project Sunshine is the Society's grass-roots campaign to improve the ability of journalists and the public to obtain access to government records and proceedings and to brighten the forecast for open government in the years ahead. The program surveys and monitors newsrooms across the country, publishes guidelines and legal advice for sunshine legislation and provides educational workshops and seminars.

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Society of Professional Journalists
Eugene S. Pulliam National Journalism Center
3909 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208
317/927-8000 | Fax: 317/920-4789

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